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Our Practice Areas

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Employment / Independent Contractor Agreements

Understanding that this may be a very exciting, yet overwhelming time for our clients, we work with our clients in reviewing or preparing, negotiating and finalizing these agreements in ensuring that they are protected and understand the contracts in their entirety.  

We will thoroughly discuss and explain areas of the contract that are of concern, including but not limited to restrictive covenants, specifically non-competes, compensation structures, benefit packages, professional liability insurance coverage and the specific expectations for our clients in their specialized fields of healthcare.

By the end of the process, our clients will have a full understanding of the entire contract, what the risks and benefits are and will be able to make an informed decision on how to proceed with the potential employment.

Management Service Organizations

Management Service Organizations or commonly referred to as MSOs are companies set up to provide all the non-medical/clinical elements of the practice, including but not limited to billing, advertising/marketing, non-medical support staff, paying rent, insurance premiums on behalf of the practice and providing the equipment and/or supplies/inventory to the practice.  

The MSO enters into a written agreement with the medical practice outlining the specific services to be provided to the practice, including any necessary exhibits or additional agreements, including a Business Associate Agreement pursuant to the HIPAA.

When we work with our clients, we explain their role and responsibility/liability involved in these type of arrangements, discuss in detail the payment structure, safeguarding against the rule of fee splitting and the Stark Law.

Practice Formation

Working within the Tri-State area, we work with our clients in the formation of their legal entities when they are ready to open up their practices.  By entering into a flat fee arrangement, which covers all potential filing fees, we are able to set aside any confusion or fear of additional fees on behalf of our clients.  

We ensure that all paperwork is processed and approved by the appropriate state departments and up running as quickly as practicable.  

We will also work with our client’s accountant in making sure that they understand the potential tax ramifications in forming a legal entity, whether it is a professional corporation or a limited liability company or partnership.

Buy/Sell of Practices

Deciding to buy or sell your practice can be a very stressful and emotional time.  At Rodin Legal, we work with our clients, regardless of whether they are the purchaser or seller, and explain all the risks involved in the process.  

We walk our clients through the details of the potential deal, make sure that they understand exactly what is involved in the transaction and prepare and review the agreements thoroughly with our clients, including discussing the potential liability involved with each transaction.

We work with other third parties on behalf of clients – whether it is the financial institution lending the money to the purchaser, our client’s accountant to discuss the allocation of the purchase price or our client’s financial advisor regarding how to invest the money after received from the sale – so that our clients have a full view of the impact of the transaction in order to make an informed decision in moving forward.

Commercial Leases

As practices grow or when a practitioner decides that it is time to open up on their own, there will most likely be a need for larger space or new space in order to conduct their practice and provide services to their patients.

Commercial leases can be very long and arduous and many clients feel very vulnerable dealing with these agreements.

At Rodin Legal, we will thoroughly review and go over the lease with our clients to provide a full understanding of the terms of the lease, the areas of concern and answer any questions prior to the client signing the lease.

We will work with our client’s banker, broker and any other third-party that our clients request to put them at ease during the process and to provide as seamless as possible transaction so that they can concentrate on other pressing matters, including setting up the practice, hiring employees and obtaining the necessary equipment so they can open as quickly as possible after the finalization of the lease.

Consent Forms

Rodin Legal understands the importance of providing notice to the potential patients of our clients regarding office policies, financial responsibility, HIPAA privacy information, consent of treatment and, more frequently now, telehealth services.

By having a complete patient packet of consent forms, will not only protect the practices and the individual practitioners, but will also put the patient at ease, knowing the steps that the practice is taking to protect their information and provide treatment with their best interests in mind.

As we are currently still within the age of Covid-19, the packet of forms will include office guidelines and protocols, as well as a consent of treatment during the coronavirus pandemic, so that all parties understand the full risk and precautions being taken to ensure the health and safety of the patient, practitioners and all the staff members.

All consent forms are tailored individually for the client, to incorporate the specific treatment and policies that the client wishes to implement into their practice.

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