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Practice Transition

In every practitioner’s career, there will come a time where they are ready for the next phase of their life and they are looking for their exit strategy from their practice and career. This can include the sale of their practice to a 3rd party or to an associate of their practice. This may also include transitioning from a clinical practice into an academic role in order to provide education to the new practitioners who are up and coming.

Whatever the reason, there are potential legal consequences that the provider may face when making their transition. Rodin Legal has experience in assisting their clients during this phase and doing their best to ensure that it is a smooth and effortless move so they can concentrate on the next chapter of their life!

Some services that may be required are as follows:
• Sale of their practice
• Offering Partnership to an associate or 3rd party
• Selling a portion of the practice shares or interest to an associate or 3rd party
• Looking for a new position in academia

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