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Buying and Selling of Practices

Deciding to buy or sell your practice can be a very stressful and emotional time. At Rodin Legal, we work with our clients, regardless of whether they are the purchaser or seller, and explain all the risks involved in the process.

We walk our clients through the details of the potential deal, make sure that they understand exactly what is involved in the transaction and prepare and review the agreements thoroughly with our clients, including discussing the potential liability involved with each transaction.

We work with other third parties on behalf of clients – whether it is the financial institution lending the money to the purchaser, our client’s accountant to discuss the allocation of the purchase price or our client’s financial advisor regarding how to invest the money after received from the sale – so that our clients have a full view of the impact of the transaction in order to make an informed decision in moving forward.

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“Ms. Rodin provided her expertise for the process of my dental practice purchase and I could not be happier. She was very knowledgable and incredibly responsive. There were many moving parts to the deal but I never felt anything was out of control- purchase agreement, employment contracts, lease negotiation, bank interactions- she always had me in the loop and I was never given cause to worry. Everything went smoothly. Most importantly, never once did I feel she wasn’t on my side or protective of my position and interests. She made sure I understood all angles before making my decisions. A consummate professional and pleasure to deal with. She has my highest recommendation.​”


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