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Consent Forms

Rodin Legal understands the importance of providing notice to the potential patients of our clients regarding office policies, financial responsibility, HIPAA privacy information, consent of treatment and, more frequently now, telehealth services.

By having a complete patient packet of consent forms, will not only protect the practices and the individual practitioners, but will also put the patient at ease, knowing the steps that the practice is taking to protect their information and provide treatment with their best interests in mind.

As we are currently still within the age of Covid-19, the packet of forms will include office guidelines and protocols, as well as a consent of treatment during the coronavirus pandemic, so that all parties understand the full risk and precautions being taken to ensure the health and safety of the patient, practitioners and all the staff members.

All consent forms are tailored individually for the client, to incorporate the specific treatment and policies that the client wishes to implement into their practice.

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