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Commercial Leases

As practices grow or when a practitioner decides that it is time to open up on their own, there will most likely be a need for larger space or new space in order to conduct their practice and provide services to their patients.

Commercial leases can be very long and arduous and many clients feel very vulnerable dealing with these agreements.

At Rodin Legal, we will thoroughly review and go over the lease with our clients to provide a full understanding of the terms of the lease, the areas of concern and answer any questions prior to the client signing the lease.

We will work with our client’s banker, broker and any other third-party that our clients request to put them at ease during the process and to provide as seamless as possible transaction so that they can concentrate on other pressing matters, including setting up the practice, hiring employees and obtaining the necessary equipment so they can open as quickly as possible after the finalization of the lease.

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