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Eager For More Time To Focus On Patient Care Leave Compliance To Me! By Stephanie J. Rodin, Esq.{3:20 minutes to read} How can healthcare practitioners focus more on helping their patients? The answer: by having an attorney address the business aspect of their practice and handle compliance issues behind the scenes.

My prior experience as a malpractice defense attorney afforded me the opportunity to learn and understand how healthcare practices work. It was this position that guided me to open my own practice and concentrate on the overall legal compliance for healthcare providers.

I work with my clients to ensure that their practices are compliant with the law, and that they are protected from problems that arise from running and managing their businesses, including incorporation as well as employee, independent contractor, and patient issues.

It is relevant to clarify my role in detail as it pertains to the type of work that I do and, equally as important, the type of work that I do not do for healthcare providers.

Healthcare Law Compliance

There are a number of government regulations involving healthcare. I ensure that practices are compliant with whatever the law requires. For example, I work with my clients to ensure that practices are HIPAA compliant. I also make sure that practices are secure and that the correct software is used to avoid any breach of protected information.

Business Contracts

With many clients, I help them to expand, maintain, or even dissolve their practice by assisting with the following:

  • buying & selling of their practice, which may include equipment sales or commercial real estate;
  • employment agreements;
  • partnership agreements;
  • real estate & equipment leases; and
  • partnership dissolution.

Small Disputes

In healthcare, it is not uncommon for a patient to feel unsatisfied with the treatment they received from a provider and, as a result, they may request a refund or bring an action against the provider in small claims court. As part of my practice, I will assist the healthcare provider by accompanying them to court to quash the issue before it escalates further and/or to prepare the necessary legal documents prior to issuing any refund to a patient. My services are to safeguard my client from any future legal issues related to that particular patient.  

The aforementioned categories highlight my areas of practice. It is important to also distinguish areas that I do not work with including:

  • specific disputes or problems that arise from health insurance plans or policies;
  • Medicaid or Medicare fraud; or
  • defense against a malpractice claim.

Should any of the above become an issue for my client, I can still assist in referring them to an attorney who concentrates on those particular topics.

Ensuring that my clients are legally compliant is my primary focus, in addition to the overall business management of their practices.

Are you finding compliance issues time-consuming and confusing? By working together we can help focus your energy back on patient care.

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