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“Stephanie and her team are very reliable, trustworthy, informative and thorough. She walked me through the types of contracts I would need.”

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“Stephanie and her team have been not only an incredible resource to our company but our clients. As a healthcare specialty firm there is an extra sensitivity of information that they and we handle. Her and her team are beyond professional, responsive and truly care about working to inform and protect us and our clients.”

Bryan Cush, MS

Tidal Health Group

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Reflections on the 9-Year Anniversary of My Practice

This month, my practice turns nine. Back when I first began, I was not quite sure where the business would lead me — and I am happy to say that the opportunities I have had surpass anything that I could have imagined. In this past year alone, I have hired an...

Practitioners: Define and Clarify Your Outside Activity Limitations

When a practitioner joins a new practice, the employer wants the employee to dedicate all of their professional time to the practice. They generally do not want practitioners to engage in outside activities — even though it is on their own time — such as teaching,...

First Job? Protect Your Career By Asking the Right Questions

Practitioners who are close to completing their residency or fellowship often have many questions about their first employment contract and the various clauses within it. I regularly provide educational seminars to residents and fellows at metropolitan hospitals in...

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