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“Stephanie and her team are very reliable, trustworthy, informative and thorough. She walked me through the types of contracts I would need.”

Empower Yourself Mental Health Counseling Services PC

“Stephanie and her team have been not only an incredible resource to our company but our clients. As a healthcare specialty firm there is an extra sensitivity of information that they and we handle. Her and her team are beyond professional, responsive and truly care about working to inform and protect us and our clients.”

Bryan Cush, MS

Tidal Health Group

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Startup Costs Associated with Opening a Medical Practice

When practitioners are thinking about opening up their own practice, regardless of specialty or field, there are a couple of concepts for them to consider to make sure that it's a viable option for them. Funding The Startup Costs The first question to ask is “How will...

Upcoming Seminar: The Ethics of Networking for Law Professionals

This September I am co-presenting a seminar at the New York County Lawyers Association and through Lawline at New York Law School with Janet Falk of Falk Communications and Research on the topic “Ethically Strengthen Your Networking Skills.”  During the presentation,...

Can “Employed” Practitioners Protect Their Ideas & Inventions?

An employment agreement often includes language that prevents or limits a practitioner from taking ownership of their own intellectual property (IP).  This can include IP such as research, inventions, patents or trademarks.  Before joining a practice, practitioners...

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