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Stephanie Rodin - Reflections on the 9-Year Anniversary of My PracticeThis month, my practice turns nine. Back when I first began, I was not quite sure where the business would lead me — and I am happy to say that the opportunities I have had surpass anything that I could have imagined.

In this past year alone, I have hired an associate, utilized an office manager, and have moved into a new, modern office space on East 58th Street in New York, New York. 

I continue to give lectures on important topics, such as contracts and social media usage, to individual practices, as well as residents in varying hospital departments across the metropolitan area.

Changes due to technology will only continue and become more intense — as such, it’s critical to stay updated on new laws and procedures. My presentations, and representation of my clients, are consistently updated to include all relevant changes and how it may impact practitioners, as well as the nuances of HIPAA, particularly as it relates to social media. 

I am also very proud to be a co-founder of Alliance Healthcare Resource Group, along with Bryan Cush of Tidal Wave Marketing. The group was formed in 2017 and has continued to grow through the years.  It is comprised of like-minded professionals across industries who cater to healthcare practitioners. Our goal is to better serve our clients by sharing resources and experiences and provide educational seminars to practitioners regarding practice management and overall protection.

My big-picture goal is to continue to grow my practice and provide practitioners with assistance and guidance on legally protecting their practice, which will help them to better provide for their patients. By 2020, my firm will increase its reach by adding satellite offices in both New Jersey and Connecticut, becoming a Tri-State Firm for the Healthcare Professional.

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